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Preparing for Early Retirement

Some of my favorite articles about Early Retirement.

My Exit Strategy – This was my exit strategy from my engineering career. See how I plan to make ends meet without a full time job.

The Exit Strategy Post Mortem – See if the exit strategy worked out after a year of being a stay at home dad/blogger.

Are You Living The Life You Want? – Life is short. We need to live the life we want and not what others expected of us. See some steps that will help you figure out how to live the life you want.

The Biggest Problem with Early Retirement – See why early retirement can be difficult for some people.

Are you on track to ossite, 50, or 60? Can you retire early?

You don’t need to be Financially Independent to Retire Early – You just have to get close and then coast the rest of the way.

how to start making passive incomeHow to Start Making Passive Income – Passive income is the key to early retirement. See how you can start making passive income.

See how much it cost to retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand – My parents are semi retired there and the cost really depends on your lifestyle.

A Little Active Income Goes a Long Way in Retirement – See why working a little bit after retirement is a good thing.

How Early Retirement Will Impact My Social Security Benefit – If you retire early, then your social security benefit will most likely be reduced. See the nitty gritty here.

Is Retirement Saving a Sprint or a Marathon? See why it’s better to sprint at the beginning of the retirement saving race.

Should you use IRS Rule 72(t) to access your retirement fund? Here is a way to access your retirement fund if you retire earlier than 60. See if it makes sense for you.

What's your plan for life after retirement?What’s Your Plan for Life After Retirement? Retirement isn’t all about finance. You need to figure out what to do with yourself with more time, too.

How to Prioritize Your Investment for Financial Independence – Some suggestions on how to invest your money when you’re first starting out.

A Different Perspective on Retirement – See why Steve is reluctant to retire from his full time job although he could do so.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when you are near retirement – Andrew plan to roll over his 401(k) into an IRA and put most of it in REIT. Is this a good idea?

Should you pay off your mortgage if you could?

Should you invest in 401(k) and Roth IRA if you plan to retire early?