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If you are new to ossite, here are some of my best articles to start with. You can also read more about me on the .

My Early Retirement Journey So Far… – See where I am in my journey to Financial Independence/Early Retirement. (Summer 2016)

Once you see where I am, then perhaps check out the Top 10 at ossite. If you still want more, then see the Best of ossite articles by categories below.

Best of ossite

Early Retirement articles.

Frugal Living articles.

Happiness articles.

Making Money articles.

Stay at Home Dad articles.

Self Employment articles.

Preparing for Early Retirement – More of my favorites articles about Early Retirement.

Cash Flow

Our monthly Cash Flow report. See how we are doing in the cash flow department. When I quit my day job, we’ll be living paycheck to paycheck for a while. I have been keeping track of the cash flow for over a year and we have been mostly successful in making one paycheck work.


You can also go through all the articles on ossite. It’s a bit of mess though. I’d start with the latest and then go backward. Many of the early articles weren’t that great.

Other great blogs

Check out these Early Retirement Bloggers I admire.

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-Joe Udo